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Janna Hicks

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Even in her professional guise as a competent paralegal, no one would ever describe tall and busty blonde MILF Janna Hicks as "mild mannered" or "buttoned up." This lusty and libidinous cougar is always a badass, and she's known for kicking ass and taking names in the office and even in the wrestling ring! That's why even when Janna wants to kick back, she never takes it easy, preferring to get her adrenaline pumping with the majestic views as she and her big tits are strapped into a parasail before hitting the beach to work on her stunning tan. And, of course, Janna has an impressive lust for life when it comes to the pleasures of the flesh! This self-professed foodie who whips up gourmet meals in the kitchen loves to eat nearly as much as she loves to suck cock and get fucked. Watch Janna live life to the fullest in her scenes below.

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